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CKDA join Vietnam - Myanmar International Trade Fair 2010 in Yangon Myanmar


In the framework of the National Trade Promotion program 20010 The Vietnam Myanmar International Trade Fair 2010 takes place from 03rd to 06th March, 2010 at the Conference Center in Yangon, Myanmar. This event marks a new step forward in the economic trade relation between the two countries. 
Agenda & Detail:
  • Time: from 03rd to 06th of April, 2010
  • Place: Conference Center in Yangon, Myanmar
  • Products:

1. Product group of foundry – Traditional products (since 1989).

Grinding balls, grinder material, wearing resistant alloy and various spare parts made of casting steel alloy, casting iron alloy and other materials to serve for the industries of cement, thermo-electricity as well as producing chemical fertilizer, sugar, paper, etc...

2. Product group of Aluminum Profile (Extrusion) – new product (Since 2005).

These products often used in constructing high building (architecture purpose), household furniture and parts for machine or industries of ship building.. These products are extruded by the modern press equipment system imported from leading manufacturer in the World. After extrusion, the products will be treated surface by Anodizing and/or Electrostatic painting and/or E.D coating and/or film covering. The products reach to European standard with the economic and effectiveness.

3. Product group of space frame (Since 2001).

These products often used in constructing public projects and industrial houses where need large span but without column such as: Sport complex, stadium, super market, plant, etc...


Duong Viet Hung (Manager of International Trade Division)

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