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Foundry and Heat-treatment line

Manufacturing capacity : 15,000 tons of product per year.
Foundry technology:

- Automatic: Casting on automatic foundry line with capacity of 10 000 tons of products per year using green sand mould technology of DISAMATIC (Denmark).DISAMATIC line - Denmark

DISAMATIC line - Denmark

Control sand plant by computer program

Turbo mixer TM 190-55 (Germany) with productivity 25T per hour.

 Cooling products and recycling mould sand in DISACOOL

- Manual: CO2

- No-bake technology: we plan to invest a new foundry line of No-bake technology and will take it into operating in the near future.

Heat-treatment  technology:

-Oil quenching: Heat treatment on automatic heat treatment line with capacity 10 000 tons of products per year controlling temperature by computer.


Automatic Heat-treatment line

 - Air quenching

- Tempering


Tempering system

Air quenching