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We also supply the services here below : Consulting service & design, getting approval designing. Consulting service for preparing space frame projects, getting approval in Vietnam.
We are keeping approximately 95% the total domestic market and beginning exporting to ASEAN countries.

CNC machining: 
Machining at machining workshop with complete & modern equipment.

-  Creating raw product of ball, cone, bolt by forging press method.

-  Machining process on modern & complete equipment’ s line with CNC control of DECKEL MAHO –   Germany.

-  Surface is galvanized Ni-Cr or Zinc or painting by the painting equipment line

-  Fabrication CHS on automatic welding machine

Manual machining:
We now currently own more than 100 kinds of machining machine such as: lathe, welding machine, milling machine, puncher …

Machining of product surface:

-  Anodizing  system supplied by Ingegneria S.R.L-ItaliaDecoral System SRL- Italia

-  Electrostatic painting compact, E.D coating supplied by Decoral System SRL- Italia

-  Film covering Line and testing equipments supplied by Decoral System SRL of Italia

Install machining:

-  Angle Jointing machine 0.75kw- Italia model 2005

-  Puncher 2.2 kw – Taiwan Model 2005

-  One- head Cutting machine 1.2 kw – Italia Model 2005

-  Two – head cutting machine Tekna – Italia Model 2005

-  Tracer-controlled milling machine 1.2 kw Model 2005

-  Milling machine 1.2 kw Model 2005…